Great First Dating Tips and Guidance



Whenever you go on a date for the first time, there are few dating tips to consider in order to get a guarantee for second date. Try not to make the date too drastic just keep it simple that can go a long way. You mostly likely to feel very scared but remember this your date will feel exactly the same way. Try not to show off or go over the top when you are impressing your date as you should keep the date fun and exciting. Always remember that the person you are dating, could be the person you will spend your life with.

Whenever your planning on your first date, you should, which is very important is finding a best place to meet. Having a date in bars or clubs is not a wonderful idea to go as you can find it really frustrating to have a conversation since you can’t hear each other while the music is playing loud.

Restaurants can be a great idea as the atmosphere is quieter and public and you and your date can have a great conversation but you need to make sure about the eating habits if your date is vegetarian or vegan, etc. Try to wear a nice smart casual clothes but don’t wear anything too smart like a piece piece suit or too casual like ripped jeans. You must plan this in advance so that you don’t wear whatever comes in your mind.To prevent painful silence, you should think about topics and keep them in your head so you will have things to say.Always remember to be on time, it doesn’t hurt too much if you arrive slightly early but not late. Make sure that your phone is switched to silence as it can be rude for your date to listen to your conversation with another person. You can check the phone when going to the toilet. You could, with your date, talk about funny things that happened to you in the past for something to laugh about but do limit yourself. You could have a nice flirting session but always know your limit as your date start thinking you only want one thing.

Try to enjoy yourself on the date so that you both will have a fun time since you will relay to your date. Try not to drink too much as your date will think [wrongly,differently] about you, which will end up in a disaster and being your final date. Try to keep things as simple as possible like be polite, kind, don’t expect anything and being yourself. This could lead you to many dates.

Overall to have a exciting date, try to have great time with your date but be sure not to go overboard. Remember this, you do not need to prove yourself anything to your date since you both had feelings from the beginning that helped you go on a date in the first place. lastly, give your date a good impression so it’s more likely you will get a second date and remember all of these tips I given you so you will have a fun first date.


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