How to attract and keep the woman of your dreams



Guys, a lot of you out there don’t know how to attract the right single woman into your life. Single women are very picky and they will tear you apart if you don’t meet their checklist. I know this sounds a little harsh, buts its true and the quicker you get it, the closer you will be to finding the right girl to share your life with. Some guys can attract the right women, but they don’t know how to keep them from running away.

Follow these tips to help you attract and keep the right single woman in your life:

  • First impressions are so important. Women like men who are clean, have nice white clean teeth, smell good (get advice on scents) and dress nice. Nice shoes are a must as women will often judge men by their shoes. I’m not kidding!
  • Play on the women’s senses. Look into her eyes when you’re talking to her, give her subtle touches, yes I said SUBTLE, NO GROPING. Compliment her and make her feel beautiful.
  • Women like men that are funny. If you’re naturally funny, let yourself go. If you’re not funny, don’t try to be, as you may come across as awkward.
  • Be confident but not cocky, there’s a big difference. Women don’t want to particularly listen to how great you are all the time. Actions speak louder than words so show her how great you are by the way you treat her.
  • Be a gentleman, chivalry is NOT DEAD!! Women are looking for a man to be the man. Pay for that 1st and 2nd date; open the car door, etc… Make a woman feel safe; feeling secure and safe is definitely a BIG TURN ON for women.
  • Control your sexual hunger. Women want to know that you’re interested in more than just sex. Refrain from any sexual advancement for the first 2-3 dates unless she’s the initiator and just roaring to go.
  • Make a woman feel that she is special and the center of your universe. I know it can be difficult at times but what can I say, this is how woman are wired. They like attention, lots of it!
  • Never show up to a woman’s house in the beginning stages without a little something; it doesn’t have to be anything expensive. Some things you can bring are flowers (even 1 rose will do), a bottle of wine, chocolates, or even a plant. It’s the thought that counts and believe me it goes a long way.
  • Women like men that are busy. Don’t always be available but do send a little message once in a while to say hello and let them know that you’re thinking of them.
  • Be yourself, honesty goes a long way. If you show signs of dishonesty in the beginning, you will break the trust factor and the relationship may never progress in a healthy manner.
  • Ask her about her interests and hobbies and pay attention to detail.
  • Surprise her once in a while with an overnight somewhere or a day trip. Women are usually the planners but appreciate it when a guy makes the effort to be the initiator. Make things FUN, be spontaneous!!!
  • Don’t show signs of possessiveness. There should be trust in a relationship, otherwise don’t be in that relationship. There are enough other daily stresses people need to deal with and that one shouldn’t be necessary.

These are some tips to make you more attractive to the single women out there. Remember, women aren’t necessarily always looking for the most gorgeous man but for the man that knows how to treat her without being too needy and possessive. Guys, I suggest you take my advice; it may just improve your love life!

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