Recognizing the Flirting Gestures of Women



Do you think she’s flirting with you? Unsure whether that wink is giving you a green light or just something in her eye? You are not alone! Many men are not aware of the subtle flirting gestures that women do to indicate their interest in them, even though almost all women do the same things instinctively.

Instead of worrying about that wink or head nod that may just mean she’s getting rid of a twitch, here are some real signs of attraction to watch for:

Tossing Her Hair or Playing With Her Hair

If she likes you then she will toss her head or run her fingers through her hair in a grooming gesture. It doesn’t matter if she has long or short hair because this is a sign of her caring about her appearance and trying to look good for you.

She may also twirl her hair around her finger and make eye contact with you. This is girly and feminine sign that she is trying to indicate cuteness and playfulness.

Tilting Her Head

This is what a woman does to signify a feminine and vulnerable look. It is intended for you to feel a sense of compassion towards her, or a need to help her, because she looks so vulnerable. Women know that guys want to help them when they need it so this is perfect way to look as though they need you to come over to them.

Exposing Her Neck

If she exposes her neck to you she is doing this for two reasons. One is to make herself look more feminine and the second is to make herself look more sexy. This is a move that many men can’t ignore even if they don’t know that she is doing it purposefully to get her attention.

Pouting or Licking Her Lips

Women know that men like their lips. Most women have fuller lips than men and use that to their advantage. When they pout, their lips instantly appear bigger and therefore more feminine and sexy. In essence, they are trying to get the man to notice the sexual promise that their lips carry.

Looking at You over Their Raised Shoulder

When a woman raises her shoulder she is pulling up her womanly features – namely her breasts. She is also giving a sexy and knowing look over her shoulder that suggests interest and intrigue that she hopes the guy will catch. You have to admit that the glance over the shoulder with the intense eyes is a sexy womanly trait that women have mastered. Very few men can ignore this look from a woman.

So if you see one or more of these signs from a woman then you know she is probably interested in you and sending you these signs on purpose. This would be the time to make your move and see what happens!

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