Things For Men To Remember On A First Date



Let’s face it, going on a first date can cause anxiety for both the guy and the girl, but men have the added pressure of typically being expected to take the lead on making the plans and maintaining communication. It’s easy for men to second guess themselves and be unsure about the plans they have made, making the first date experience especially nerve racking. To help ensure a successful first date, here are some things for men to remember.

First, remember to be yourself. Although you want to make a good first impression, putting forth a persona that is not truly your own will just lead to trouble down the road. For example, don’t pretend to be a wine connoisseur at dinner if you don’t know the slightest thing about wine. Don’t pretend you make a lot of money if you don’t and don’t ever lie. As the saying goes, “honesty is the best policy”.

Consider planning a first date that has an element of danger or scariness to it. Keep in mind the objective is not to scare her to death, but rather put her in a position where you can protect her. You also want the date to be fun and an opportunity to make memories that you can talk about later. Some ideas to consider, try a rafting trip, a hike with some challenging, but manageable sections or an amusement park.

Be funny. Laughing takes the edge off. Make fun of yourself to create a light hearted mood.

Avoid fancy restaurants and extravagant outings. This could make her feel uncomfortable and you as well, if you are not used to the ritzy surroundings and procedures.

Plan for conversation think about what are general and safe topics you can to talk about. It’s difficult to get to know someone when you are in a quiet movie theatre. Ask a lot of questions about her and try your best to remember the answers. Don’t give her the third degree, but ask questions to demonstrate that you have an interest in learning more about her. Talk more about her than yourself. Have some topics prepared ahead of time to talk about in case there is a lull in the conversation. You can tell funny stories about things that you did to your siblings when you were younger, talk about your pets, favourite places to travel or crazy things you did in high school or college.

Communicate ahead of time what you will be doing. There could be nothing worse than planning a hike and she is wearing a dress and high heels. Make sure she knows what to expect, so that she can plan accordingly.

Last, but not least, end the date when you are having fun. This will leave her wanting more.

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